Here you can find some materials, especially visuals, related to my research. Also, magazine articles and reports are included in this section.

The changing face of conservation
Built Environment Journal. RICS, 2019
Forster, Bosché, Valero


Colouring TLS point cloud with photogrammetry RGB data


Analysis of worker body motions by means of a wireless motion sensor network
Valero, Sivanathan, Bosché, Abdel-Wahab

Digital Surveying Damage
Building Conservation Journal. RICS, 2017
Forster, Bosché, Valero

Pionering automation in digital surveys
HES Focus 2017. Historic Environment Scotland, 2017
James Hepher


Digital Technology Helps Cultural Heritage Manage the Impact of Climate Change.
Energy Academy Newsletter. Heriot Watt University, 2016

Valero, Forster, Bosché, Wilson, Leslie and Hyslop

Comparison of 3D Reality Capture Technologies for the Survey of Stone Walls. Aqueológica 2.0, 2016
Valero, Forster, Bosché, Wilson and Leslie


3D Surveying and Applications: Point Clouds and Beyond. 2015
Heriot Watt-University and Historic Environment Scotland