Playing with distances between features

As usual in ArcGIS, different tools can deliver similar results. In this post, a map has been generated to show how to [quickly] filter features according to their position with respect to other elements.

There are several proximity tools that can be used to calculate distances between features. Some examples are: Near, Generate Near Table, Buffer or Multiple Ring Buffer.

In the following map, the distances from the attractions managed by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to the John Muir Way have been calculated by means of Near. After that, the buildings have been filtered by attribute (distance), showing those in a range of [at most] 5 kms along this route.


Data sources for GIS

In this post, I will store [updated] links to different sources of GIS data. This collection may vary according to my works, but it will mainly contain data about EU, UK and Spain.


British Government’s data

Ordnance Survey Open Data

British Geological Survey. OpenGeoscience

Scottish Spatial Data Infrastructure

Scottish Natural Heritage

Edinburgh Council Open Data


Spanish Government Open Data

National Center for Geographic Information

Junta de Castilla-La Mancha Open Data


Eurostat GISCO. Administrative boundaries, infrastructure and land cover


UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Global administrative areas

University of Pennsylvania international GIS database


Federal government’s open data site