From warming stripes to warming patches

Some weeks ago, and following the work of @ClimateLabBook, I produced a ‘warming stripes’ graph, illustrating the rise of temperature in Scotland in recent years.


Each stripe corresponds to a year, from 1910 on the left hand to 2017, and depicts variations in temperature. Intuitively, blue stripes show values under the average and red lines illustrate years with temperatures over the average. More saturated colours represent higher (or lower) temperatures, while shades of white correspond to temperature values close to the average.

A more complete graph can be produced if monthly average values of temperature are considered (instead of yearly figures). Following the same colour code used for the previous plot, a ‘warming patches’ map is created, illustrating for each particular month (e.g. January 2017) its variation of temperature with respect to historical records for that month (other Januaries).

The first line corresponds to January and the last one to December. And columns go from 1910 (left) to 2017.